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Jill Chan Financial

Get personalized help with your taxes or financial plan.


24/7 Support

Contact by phone or email.


100% Customer Satisfaction

Come back with any time for help or questions anytime during the year.


Unlimited Tax advice

Able to answer questions and help anytime during the year.



Hello it's me...Jill Nagashima-Chan

In 2020 I began to develop a plan to start my own small business preparing taxes, helping people create a personalized financial plan, and help guide people starting their own small businesses.

Having had 5 years of experience working with clients under a big corporation, I decided that striking out on my own was worth the risk.


I hope to offer everyone a more personal experience in both tax preparation and financial planning. I am available year round now by appointment.


Our Services

Tax Preparation, Financial Planning, Accounting, and Bookeepign Services.

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We are able to provide help with prior and current year tax preparation. We are also able to assist with IRS letters.

We look to help make an tailored financial plan to meet a family's specific situation.

We are able to help your small business with bookkeeping and accounting service, as well as teaching you how to do it yourself.

What Our Customers Say

Jill is very knowledgeable and easily accessible to reach with any questions to at anytime during the year

Cameron Donovan

I found Jill to be a pleasure to work with, very conscientious, and extremely thorough and meticulous with asking questions to help find all deductions possible.

Dianne Rosales

Jill gives great service at a very reasonable and modest fee. She goes the extra mile to be available at any time.

Nicole Walker

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